September 13, 2004

60 Minutes Report on Bush's Guard Service Referenced Falsified Memos? ||

It appears that the only evidence that "war president" Bush actually served in the National Guard was faked, after daddy paid so much money to buy him a place turns out to be put together in Word. Bush has put his entire campaigne on the back of being a strong martial leader, he can't exactly campaigne about his economic leadership being the first President since Hoover to have more people unemployed at the end of his term than the beginning. He and his vice president have been viscious in condemming decorated Veit Nam veteran John Kerry for being not the right choice to lead the country in war time. The fact that he said that the war was over months ago, and it was a war that he himself started, do not seem to matter. Perhaps when he is proved to have deserted from a very comfortable post to get drunk and snort more cocaine whilst his rival actually got some experience of combat it will make a difference. If not then hopefully someone will kill the fucker sooner rather than later.

The son and widow of the officer that was supposed to have written the order is questioning there authenticity. The son, himself a Captain in the National Guard said "No officer in his right mind would write a memo like that."

The opinion of the person that runs the Selectric Typewriter Museum, the type of type write that could have been used if the memo was real, its a fake.

The opinion of typesetting expert Dr Phillip Bouffard. After exaustlive analysis, at least 90% Positive They're Fake.


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